Wednesday 26 August 2015

Invigorate Your Life with Tango

Dancing is a beautiful art form that finds its expression in elegant performance. When a dancer shimmers with pure aura and poise while moving her body gracefully, that’s a visual treat in itself! If the dance is as sensuous and passionate as Tango, the dancers and even the audience often have this feeling of timelessness; the only things that matter at that moment are the soulfulness of the dance, the constant flow of music and the sense of endless soaring into the heavens. No wonder then that learning how to perform Tango has always remained a dancer’s dream.

Tango dancing is unique in that it can be danced in both the traditional and contemporary forms. The style that initially became popular as a Latin-American dance form has now turned international. It has been warmly and eagerly embraced by countries around the world. Tango has turned even more beautiful and aesthetic by marrying different fantastic style features. Exploring this fascinating dance form has thus turned into an exciting process where every day you come across something new and something magnificent. Tango Dancing can undoubtedly invigorate your life. How does it work? Here you go!

Enables you acquire grace and poise

This dancing style is characterized by elegance and self-control. While the modern Tango connects from waist down, the Argentine form is more about connecting from shoulder up. Both however emphasize on body closeness and intense movements. 

Bonds you intimately with your lover

If you want to say it on the dance floor, then Tango perhaps is the best option! Over time, this Latin American dance has become synonymous with romance. It is the pure closeness of the ‘dance frame’ that guarantees an exhilarating intimate adventure in each step. While it allows the man to feel absolutely in-charge, it makes the lady feel her man’s power and control with every movement.

Unique style helps you steal the limelight 

Dancing is an art form, which is not easy to master, and it is truer in the case of Tango. So if you perform Tango gracefully, you can steal the limelight, and win respect from friends, peers and strangers as well. Instead of trying out silly gimmicks to show off and to draw attention, establish your individuality; learn Tango. That would instantly make you desirable and reveal a unique side of your personality with which not many are familiar. It reveals your secret talents and establishes you as a confident human being, who knows how to express yourself without words.

Opens a great possibility in Competitions

The Tango style has dominated the dance competition scenario worldwide since long. Every year “The Dancing World Championship and Festival” is held in the city of Buenos Aires during the month of August. Dance aficionados from distantlands flock to this city to make the event memorable.In addition, dance competitions are held throughout the year, to pick the most graceful and vibrant Tango dancers. Receiving acclaim in any of these competitions, wins you instant recognition worldwide. 

Now that you are convinced about the significance of this beautiful dance style, it is time to vitalize your life with Tango. Don’t go with the flow and pick just any dance institute. Choose the best trainer who is conversant with American style ballroom dancing in general and the Tango dance form in particular. Discover the power and vivacity of Tango, and invigorate your life!

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