Thursday 23 July 2015

Your first dance at your wedding: 5 reasons for good practice

Is that the wondrous time of your life when you have found finally your life partner? Are you now planning for the joyous occasion –  picking the perfect wedding dress, ordering a terrific tiered cake, making splendid seating arrangement and finding the best photographer to take pictures that you will treasure for life? Planning a wedding can be as much stressful as it is joyous.

All things small and big demand constant attention to detail. Your wedding dance is one of those important things, more so if it is your first dance. Nervous about it, aren’t you? Don’t be! With a little forethought and practice with a good dance instructor, you can have a wonderful plan for that too.

1.   Make everything perfect for the great event

It is indeed a touching moment when the handsome groom takes the hand of the pretty bride and leads her on to the floor for the first dance.. You want that dance to be perfect, don’t you? You can make it perfect by taking excellent dance lessons before the wedding. Pick out a song that speaks to both your hearts and ask your dance instructor to choreograph it for you. With a little practice, you will learn it well in no time.

2.   Let it be a great way for both of you to bond

You’ve said, “I will”, to the person you love. What better way is there to strengthen that bond than by doing something exciting together during the days just before the wedding? When you’re busy planning the wedding celebration, it gets hard to get a moment alone with yourwould-be spouse. Your dance classes can be the best time for you to catch up with each other and spend a few intimate moments.

3.   Easen the stress of wedding preparations

A wedding needs a lot of preparations. Planning every one of them can be very stressful. Differences of view points and preferences can surface about everytyhing, and tempers flare with all your family and friends around. Sometimes, it just gets too much for you that you might be provoked to say or do strange things. But, every bead of sweat on the wedding will be well worth it, as you would both treasure the sweet memories of the special occasion throughout your life.

Dancing is a great stress buster. Winding down the stressful day with the person you love, while you learn your steps, is a great way to rejuvenate and get ready to face the next day.

4.   Surprise everyone at the wedding by dancing beautifully

Are you just a passable dancer? Are you worried that you will trip or miss a step and make a fool of yourself during your first dance? Don’t be! With a good dance instructor, and with the right technique and routine, you will be moving flawlessly over the floor, You will make the guests gasp and blow them away. Don’t be surprised if everyone wants a dance with the bride.

5.   Look your best shape

Many brides diet to look their best before the wedding. The downside of this is that they also look sickly because of excessive dieting and stress. By dancing, you can look flawless and in great shape in your wedding gown. Dance is one of the best forms of exercise. It tones and sculpts your body and makes you fit. You will glow, as a bride should, at the wedding.

Grab your fiancé and go to sign up for a dance class now!

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