Monday 29 June 2015

Why You Should Learn Salsa: 6 reasons

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” ― Martha Graham

Martha Graham knew what she was talking about when she said that. Dancing is one of those skills that you can start at any time in your life and enjoy it any day and every day. There are many kinds of dance styles, and each has its own technique and rhythm. The salsa is a fast paced dance that originated in Latin America, and made its way to the clubs of New York. It was at its peak in the seventies. Now, salsa is back with a bang and is all the rage these days and here’s why:

1.  A new and interesting pastime

Learning something new keeps you young and healthy, mentally and physically. It is always good to take on a new challenge as it gives you a goal and purpose in an otherwise dull  and routine life.

2.  A good exercise

Some people run, some walk, some go to the gym and some others just dance their way to good health. Almost every dance has a technique and style to it. It may seem daunting when you watch other people dance the salsa, but with a good teacher, you will master it. Salsa dancing burns calories faster than most other kinds of dances because of the quick pace.

3.  Great fun and stress buster

There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than to go out and dance. The rapid step of the salsa in a nippy weather is sure to take your mind off the stress of the day, and provide loads of fun. You can let your hair down and concentrate on the steps. By the end of your salsa dance lesson, you won’t remember what you were worrying about earlier.

4.  Betters your reflexes and timing

Salsa has a repertoire of movements, intricate and complex. A good dance instructor will take you through the different levels of salsa training, and help you master a routine before moving on to the next. Soon, you will find that your posture has improved, your walk is more graceful and your reflexes are uncannily fast.

5.  Bonds you closer with your partner

Salsa is one of those dances that couples can attend together. A lot of salsa steps depend on the swift reflexes of both partners. You have to learn to trust your partner and work on the rhythm and technique together to perform the salsa well. Many couples who are overwhelmed with the boredom of everyday life find that their passion and attraction for each other gets re-ignited, as they learn the sexy salsa.

6.  Helps make new friends

The salsa is a dance for which you need a partner. In a good dance class, you will find people of all ages and types, but they will all have one thing in common. They are adventurous and want to learn something new. You will meet and befriend many like-minded people.

So, go on, sign up for a salsa class NOW!