Wednesday 23 September 2015

Five Hustle Dance Steps You Would Love to Learn

If you are planning to participate in a dance contest or just love to scorch the dance floor during weekends, then you can surely try out some Hustle dance moves to bring back the 1970s charm. Hustle was basically known as a Line dance which was not commonly performed till 1970. Then came the movie Saturday Night Fever, where John Travolta and Karen Lynn Gorney partnered, tapped their toes to the high octave disco music and the world went crazy about Hustle!

The disco dance moves have changed a lot since Saturday Night Fever days and have now become extremely popular in night clubs and social gatherings. The one reason why Hustle is favored is because you won’t have to worry about finding a dance partner after hitting the dance floor in a club, as this is a repeat dance performed by solo dancers. Modernized it is, nevertheless one can’t have problems with the few basic Hustle steps which are not only easy to master but extremely appealing too. 

Step back and move forward

It is very simple and more like a walking step. It begins by stepping back as you end up almost four to five feet back from the position you started. Attempt some lively arm movements, and try wiggling your hips, as long as you are comfortable doing that.

After moving back, you need to do the reverse steps now. This means you have to perform just the other way and walk backward.  At the end you should be in the same spot from where you started.

The three step combination

Instead of stepping back and forth, this three-step combination makes you move to the right and then to the left. It is a sidewise stepping movement which ends with a clap over your shoulder. Rather than embellishing it with fancy moves in the beginning, concentrate on the basic steps and the beat.

The Travolta step

This is what John Travolta did to immortalize disco dancing in the movie Saturday Night Fever: a sinuous and smooth movement whereby he wiggled a bit while pointing his right hand up to the right, in the air. One can do it up to 10 times and repeat for the other hand, and that is the Travolta step. You are not supposed to move your feet while performing this move.

Roll & Chicken

The step looks as if you are rolling up a long paper towel! Your forearms and elbows should be positioned properly; otherwise the move won’t look that supple. The ‘chicken’ part is more about chest isolation, when you push out your sternum as arms move down to your sides. The step can be subtle or strong, depending on beats.

The Right-Foot Quarter Movement

The last step concentrates on specific movement of the right foot. You move forward with the right foot as your toe touches the floor in front, and then perform the step backward and sideways.

After completing these five basic Hustle steps, everyone in the group should be facing the same direction. This is one dance move which can keep going till the song finishes or changes. You get ample time in between to mingle with the group and have some great time!

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