Monday 20 April 2015

Tips to get ready for your Quinceanera

The Quinceanera is a traditional Mexican dance. It can be compared to a debutante ball, as it is a coming of age dance. Young women practice for months, even years for their first Quinceanera. The actual celebration is more like a debutante’s ball where the girls who are of age are presented in society by parents. Though it seems quaint in this day and age, it is an age old and much loved tradition. 

Like a debutante’s ball, the girl’s first dance in the Quinceanera is with her father. Then she will dance with the person who is escorting her. She can give the following dances to whomsoever she may wish. The Quinceanera dance is usually choreographed these days and the girl who is being presented will definitely go to a choreography class for months before the Quinceanera. It is a big event for the entire family and everyone who is of importance will be invited. 

History of the Quinceanera

The Quinceanera is as popular today among the Mexicans as centuries ago. Its origins seem to stretch as far back as the Aztecs. Legend has it that girls were considered ready for marriage around the age of 15 in the ancient Aztec community and the Quinceanera was the way that girls were introduced to the community as ready to be married. The ancient Quinceanera dances may have been performed by girls to entice young men and get a suitable male to marry and be looked after for life.

Different kinds of Quinceanera

There are different levels of Quinceaneras. There are communal ones where many girls are introduced at the same time to society and the cost of the event can be shared among the parents. Wealthier families have Quinceaneras for their daughters where she is the main attraction. These Quinceaneras can be quite extravagant. Sometimes the girl being introduced dances a Quinceanera, but there may be many choreographed dances by hired dancers as well. It is entertainment for the entire evening and the dances can be difficult but absolutely stunning to watch.

The Quinceanera event

There are many parts to a Quinceanera event. The music and dance are one part of it. Many people get well known Quinceanera bands to play popular Quinceanera songs for the dances. There are many mixed tapes of popular Quinceanera bands. Then there is the food, drinks, going home gifts, gifts for the young girl. It is as splendid as a sweet sixteen party. The Quinceanera dress is an event in itself. All young girls want to have the most breathtaking, unique Quinceanera dress that can be bought and months are spent designing the perfect Quinceanera dress.

Choreography for the Quinceanera event

People take the choreography for the Quinceanera event very seriously. The type of dancing and the group that performs reflects the status of the family, so no effort is spared. 

What to look for in a Quinceanera class?

Remember, when you sign up for a Quinceanera class, it is tough and you need teachers who will be able to coax the best out of you. Joining a bunch of dancers is fine, but if you are performing for an audience, you may need a one-on-one class. The same dancers who choreographed your dance will choreograph your dance with your father, your escort or anybody else you wish to dance with. They will be more than willing to send their troupe to dance at your event. You could probably get the whole deal as a package. 

So make sure that the Quinceanera class that you sign up for is referred and you know that they are good enough to make your Quinceanera a resounding success.