Thursday 24 December 2015

Becoming a Successful Freelance Dancer: Five Tips for You

Picking up a career option which is financially rewarding and psychologically satisfying is not that easy. While freelancing in general does provide the freedom to do what you really love to do, monetary rewards may or may not follow. If that career choice happens to be dancing, then the hesitation is much greater.

Not many are aware of freelancing scope in the field of dancing, and there are many who feel this profession can’t ensure sustainable income. The reality is that the life of a freelance dancer might not be smooth to start with, but rewards definitely follow if you can stay sane in the game! Here are five tips for you to be so.

Be practical and stay focused

Just like any other profession, you need to adopt a focused approach. It might sound contradictory to your artistic inclination, but if you don’t know how to stay practical then it would be tough to survive in this profession. Be prepared for initial disappointments, but don’t let these setbacks weaken your spirit and determination.

Expand the network

You might be a good dancer, but if you are not well-connected then surviving as a freelancer will be tough. Spread the words through social networking sites about your dancing skills and experience. Try to tie up with some dance troupes and choreographers to be a part of their programs on a regular basis. This way you can have better exposure and also ensure a steady flow of income.

Juggle well the schedule

Once you develop a good network, it is bound to fetch more work. This in turn means more rehearsals and programs with multiple choreographers or dance groups, sometimes within the same week.

As a freelance dancer, you need to be perfect about schedule juggling. Keep track of the show dates and make sure to reply e-mails or phone calls promptly. At the same time, be careful about overstretching and overstressing yourself.  

Keep the money factor in mind

You love to dance and enjoy the freedom too, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about money! Since dancers mostly earn on a project basis, there may not be a regular income each month. It is always better if you can work out a full-time contract with a dance group, which promises a consistent pay. Or else try to engage yourself in other activities related to dancing like teaching choreography in order to supplement your income.

Carve out a niche for yourself and keep learning

In today’s competitive world, if you want to succeed as a freelance dancer then it’s very important for you to concentrate on a particular dancing style be it jazz, foxtrot, salsa or any other: carve out a niche for yourself in that style with which you are comfortable and confident about. Keep learning and improving to stay in the game and also to ensure that you present something unique in every performance. 

Now the big question is “Can anybody take up freelance dancing and become successful?”: the answer is ‘Yes’ provided you are dedicated, focused and smart enough to overcome unfavorable and unusual circumstances. Freelancing offers freedom, so enjoy it! At the same time, never stop learning. Be grateful that you have dance in your life and the ability to earn from it.

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