Thursday 19 November 2015

How You can Perform a Dance Show without Stage Fright

‘Stage fright’ is the most uncomfortable liability for performers before a live show. Ask any confident performer, and they would admit to the stage fright they experience every now and then. It’s normal therefore if you feel nervous and unsteady before going to the stage. Sometimes you might feel totally debilitated just thinking of performing live onstage. If it happens to be a dance show or a competition, then the stage nervousness tends to increase manifold. Even world-class dancers would confirm that stage fright does occur before crucial performances.

The problem is that stage fright can have a negative effect and turn out to be a deterrent to excellence. The good news is that it is actually easy to overcome such nervousness by training your body and mind to function in unison. Discussed below are a few simple tricks which can be followed to perform confidently onstage dance shows.

Emphasize on greater technical control

Try to achieve better technical control of your footwork. You might not realize it, but casual execution of dance moves look even sloppier on stage. Focused placement is the most favored technique adopted by dancers to strengthen dance gestures.

Dance with ease

Your dance shouldn’t look like a strenuous aerobic exercise, when your muscles appear tensed up trying to control dance gestures. This starts showing on your face and movements. The best way to achieve a level of perfection, poise and ease is by visualizing as if your body has separated from midsection! Now try to maintain precise movements and gestures of legs, while letting your upper body relax completely and yet with vibrancy and fluidity.

Bridge the distance with your audience

While dancing, don’t take your audience to be a non-entity who doesn’t really bother about your eye movements. Try to avoid blank glaze or a stare of self consciousness which reveals your uneasiness on being watched. Also it is not good to roll your eyes, which gives the impression that you are trying to recall steps! Focus your eyes as it makes you appear more intelligent and attractive than with a blank stare.

Don’t turn your back to the audience

As far as possible commence dance phases in such a way that you avoid turning your back to the audience. However, if the choreography demands so, then place your body slightly sideways and turn your head in such a way that you present a partial profile of your face and not the back of your head.  This should be particularly remembered while finishing a dance or moving away to create space for other dancers. A lateral movement is always suggested across the stage in such instances.

Try to portray the character accurately

Feel the character that you are portrayingConnect with your partners and fellow dancers and above all with the audience in a genuine manner. This is what surely helps you radiate a positive energy on stage. The audience loves and appreciates such a lively dance performance.

Dancing is a pleasing, fulfilling and cherishable experience, which becomes alive when performed with spontaneity. Find ways to do that and you will never have problems of performing successfully to a big audience.

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