Friday, 27 March 2015

So you want to dance?

Dancing as an art form and as a form of exercise has become quite popular. With many T.V. shows and movies being made about dance competitions, people now want to get in on the act and learn some moves themselves. The craze cuts across all ages. Children want to join dance classes, learn dancing and participate in different dance competitions. Adults view dancing as a form of exercise or a new skill to learn. You even have senior citizens who have always wanted to learn new forms of dancing and didn’t have the time, joining classes, now that they do have time. 

Benefits of dancing

For children

Do you know that three in five children under the age of ten are predicted to be overweight by 2050? Dancing is a great way to keep fit. There are many types of dances and children find dancing fun. Every style of dance is disciplined and has techniques involving precision and control that will have to be learnt. Dancing will build your child’s flexibility, coordination and posture. It gives them an all round enjoyable experience. It is a great way to expend all their energy. Most dance classes have group dance lessons too and they learn all about teamwork and how to stay focused.

Being good at something new gives their confidence a great boost. Not all kids in school know how to dance and having a special talent is always helpful wherever they go.

For adults

Dancing is a great stress buster. Moving to music at the end of a long day is a great way to relax. Joining a dance class also opens new opportunities for you. Most dance classes will know about competitions being held for different types of dancing and if you are a sporty person and have a competitive steak, this is a great way to explore those possibilities.

In a dance class, you get to meet a whole lot of new people who share the same love for dance as you. When dancing with other people, you are motivated to step up your game. Dancing tones your body, makes your posture better, makes you more graceful and is a great way to keep in shape. Instead of going to the gym and working out by yourself alone, you get to work out with others and end up having the time of your life.

For seniors

It is never too late to learn a new skill. Dancing is one of the most popular hobbies that senior citizens learn. It is amazing to see sprightly, old men and women doing the most nimble work with their feet and doing an even better job of it than youngsters. Dance classes have become a fun way for the elderly to remain fit. It is a place where they can make new friends and pass their time in a fun environment.

Dance the blues away

The benefits of dancing are many. It is a fun way to stay fit and healthy. It tones your body in a different way than working out at a gym does. It is an aerobic form of activity that strengthens important core muscles and shapes the body more than muscling it up.

It is a great way to meet people and many a fruitful friendship has been born in a dance class. It is a group exercise and doing anything in the company of others is much more fun than doing it alone.

It adds grace to your movements, aids your posture and makes you more nimble. It is an all round fun activity!

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